The Paul Mecurio Show

Paul Mecurio was a Wall Street lawyer and investment banker before becoming a nationally acclaimed comedian and Emmy & Peabody Award-winner for his work on "The Daily Show." So he is no stranger to the unpredictable path life can take. Each week, Paul interviews a wide range of high profile figures from entertainment, the media, sports, politics, and more about their lives and careers, uncovering hilarious anecdotes and surprising insights along the way. Guests on "The Paul Mecurio Show" include Paul McCartney, Stephen Colbert, Bob Costas, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jay Leno, Kristen Chenoweth, Adam Carolla, MTV Network President Doug Herzog, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Lewis Black and Terry Gilliam, to name a few. With thought-provoking, well-researched questions, Paul explores the creative process of his guests revealing what makes them so great at what they do, and along the way, consistently produces ground-breaking interviews.

"Paul is that rare interviewer that's both a strong and generous personality. We get interviewed all the time, and Paul was amazingly able to get us to brand new material and fresh ground. One of the best interviews I've done."
- Adam Savage, host of Discovery Channel's "MythBusters"

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #103: Best Of Dr. Drew, Mick Foley, & Tommy Chong

Duration: 0

Description: This week we've got a special treat for you. Three interviews in one! This is a best of The Paul Mecurio Show, we've got some samples from passed interviews with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Tommy Chong, and Mick Foley. It's a great episode to acquaint you with the show, and learn a few things about these media personalities.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #102: Comedy Film Nerds

Duration: 0

Description: The Comedy Film Nerds: Chris Mancini & Graham Elwood. Chris Mancini & Graham Elwood have a podcast of their own called Comedy Film Nerds where they discuss films of today with a comedic twist. They also run the Los Angeles Podcast Festival. We talked about stand up comedy, podcasts and podcasting, the Oscar films in contention, and their documentary about podcasts.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #101: Tom Friedman

Duration: 0

Description: Thomas Friedman is an internationally renowned author, reporter, and the foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times, not to mention a recipient of three Pulitzer Prizes and the author of six bestselling books. He appears regularly on "Charlie Rose," CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC as a commentator. In this fascinating conversation, Friedman discusses his days as a youth in Minnesota caddying for pro golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez, learning the ropes as a journalist traveling the world, the state of affairs internationally and more. Hear from THE authority on international affairs about international politics, terrorism, North Korea, Islam, ISIS, the U.S., the use of the internet and social media as weapon of terror and more.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #100: Gilbert Gottfried LIVE from NYC's Comedy Cellar @ The Village Underground

Duration: 0

Description: SPECIAL TELEVISION TAPING. This week's guest is the brilliantly funny Gilbert Gottfried. This was filmed as a television taping before a live studio audience at NYC's Comedy Cellar at The Village Underground. We had a blast - the live audience made it really fun; Gilbert was his usual insane self while revealing a lot about the REAL Gilbert, like why he tells jokes right after major catastrophes like 9/11 and the Tsunami in Japan (which got him fired as the AFLAC duck). You're in for a super interesting look into the unique mind of this legendary comedian. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE TV VERSION OF THIS SHOW COMING SOON.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #99: Mark Kelley

Duration: 0

Description: Mark Kelley. Mark Kelley is the bassist for The Roots, the band on The Tonight Show. We talk about the fascinating instrument that is the bass guitar. We also chat about what it's like playing on the tonight show, and his oceanography. He's a very cool dude, it's a great conversation.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #98: Larry The Cable Guy

Duration: 0

Description: Larry The Cable Guy. Larry the Cable Guy, or Daniel Lawrence Whitney, and I sit down and chat about his career, the creation of his character Larry The Cable Guy, and where it has taken him since then. It's a great chat with an interesting dude, take a listen.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #97: 2014 Holiday Podcast

Duration: 0

Description: 2014 Holiday Podcast. We did this last year and we are doing it again this year. My son Alex and I get together to talk about customer service, growing up, girls and other good stuff.

Hope you all have had a nice holiday and have a great 2015! Thanks for listening to the podcast.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #96: Ron Perlman

Duration: 0

Description: Ron Perlman. Ron Perlman is a Golden Globe winning actor, he's appeared in TV shows and movies like Sons of Anarchy, Beauty and the Beast, Hellboy, and Pans Labyrinth. We talk about his method as an actor, his passion for acting, and his memoir called "Easy Street The Hard Way".

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #95: Randi & Loper

Duration: 0

Description: Randi & Loper. Randi Rasar and Jeremy Loper are radio professionals (and husband and wife), with a long and impressive history. We talk about their start in radio, what it's like working together as husband and wife, MMA fighting, and substance abuse. It's a long, fun ride, so stay tuned.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #94: Christine Blackburn

Duration: 0

Description: Christine Blackburn. Christine Blackburn is an actress, comedian, and story teller. She hosts the Story Worthy podcast on the Sideshow Network. We talked about her journey from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, how she became a flight attendant, and why she joined (and was forced out of) the Peace Corps.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #93: Will Durst

Duration: 0

Description: Will Durst. Will Durst is a stand up comedian and writer. We talk about his start in the San Francisco stand up world alongside Ellen Degeneres, Dana Carvey, and Robin Williams. He shares some of his political views, and what we could do better in the world.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #92: Jay Paterno

Duration: 0

Description: Jay Paterno. Jay Paterno is the son of famed football coach Joe Paterno, he worked alongside his father coaching football and recently wrote a book, Paterno Legacy: Enduring Lessons from the Life and Death of My Father. We talk about what it was like growing up with football all around him, how is father handled coaching with his son, and the infamous Sandusky scandal.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #91: Zane Lamprey

Duration: 0

Description: Zane Lamprey. Zane Lamprey is the host of multiple podcasts including Three Sheets, The Zane Lamprey Show, and his newest project with NatGeo, Chug. We talk about his projects, drinking, and his kickstarter.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #90: Jason Jones-The Daily Show

Duration: 0

Description: Jason Jones. Jason Jones is a correspondent on The Daily Show, as well as an accomplished actor. I sit down with Jason Jones and talk about how he started acting, his time working on The Daily Show, and how my research wasn't the most reliable.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #89: Chris Kaman

Duration: 0

Description: Chris Kaman. Chris Kaman is an NBA all-star, a veteran of basketball, and an Olympic athlete. We talk about what it’s like getting rich almost over night, how he’s changed since becoming pro, and his new reality show called Exploring Kaman.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #88: A Rant on Jodi Arias

Duration: 0

Description: This week there's no guest, just Paul. He talks about the Jodi Arias case, and people are the worst.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #87: Myq Kaplan

Duration: 0

Description: Myq Kaplan. Myq is a fellow NYC-based comedian with an interesting background. We talk about his journey from graduate school into comedy and his unique take on stand-up and linguistics.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #86: Jordan Brady

Duration: 0

Description: Jordan Brady. Jordan is a filmmaker and comedian who has brought us the documentaries I AM COMIC and most recently, I AM ROAD COMIC. He is also the host of "Respect The Process" on the Sideshow Network, his podcast dedicated to the film industry.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #85: Jimmy Dore

Duration: 0

Description: Jimmy Dore. This week I talk to Jimmy Dore, a talented comedian and radio personality. He recently wrote a book called Your Country is Just Not That Into You. We discuss the major themes of his book, how the media, government, and banks have been slowly ruining the economy of the United States.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #84: Dr. Drew Pinsky

Duration: 0

Description: Dr. Drew Pinsky. This week, I talk to Dr. Drew from LOVELINE and DR. DREW ON CALL on HLN. We talk about how he got started in not just medicine but how he also became the go-to media personality for advice in sex, addiction and just about everything else.

Drew is also raising awareness for prostate cancer this month. You can lend your support by going here:

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #83: Terry Gilliam

Duration: 0

Description: Terry Gilliam. Terry Gilliam is an actor, illustrator, and director. He is most notably famous for a little group he helped start called Monty Python. Join us as we talk about his newest film, starting Monty Python, and what it's like giving up American citizenship.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #82: Jordan Harbinger

Duration: 0

Description: Jordan Harbinger. Jordan is the founder of THE ART OF CHARM, an organization that helps men develop social skills that they can use in meeting women, business relationships and in so many other places. Jordan was an FBI informant at one point and has a fascinating story. Join us as we talk about human nature and relationships.

You can check out Jordan and the Art of Charm at

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #81: Ahmad Rashad

Duration: 0

Description: Ahmad Rashad. Ahmad is former standout NFL running back who went on to become a professional broadcaster for the NFL and NBA. We talk about our mutual love for golf (including the Back9 Network), his path towards becoming a sports broadcaster and his trash-talking days as an NFL player.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #80: Dave Holmes

Duration: 0

Description: Dave Holmes. Dave was a fixture on MTV in the early 2000's as a host. He's gone on to host shows on FX and write weekly TV recaps for

We chat about his forthcoming Nerdist podcast, his experiences managing live crowds and what it was like coming out.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #79: Tommy Chong

Duration: 0

Description: Tommy Chong. This week, I get to talk to comedian, actor, writer, producer and marijuana activist Tommy Chong. We talk about his beginnings as a musician, including his relationship to Motown producer Berry Gordy and the Jackson 5. We also get into his introduction to comedy, how he writes his material and so much more. Great interview!

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #78: Kevin Allison

Duration: 0

Description: Kevin Allison. One of my most interesting conversations with some whom I've wanted to talk to for a while. Kevin is a former member of the sketch group The State and the creator of RISK!, the storytelling podcast. Kevin is also behind the Story Studio in NYC (

We talk about bedbugs, gay orgies and sketch comedy. Its quite the discussion so check it out!

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #77: Me and My Son Alex

Duration: 0

Description: My Son Returns! My son Alex is my VERY special guest this week. He makes a return visit as we explore how is life and body has changed in the last 8 months. We talk, school, the stress of teenagers in 2014, girls, girls with mustaches and his pubic hair.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #76: Kelly Carlin

Duration: 0

Description: Kelly Carlin. Kelly is the daughter of comedy great George Carlin. We talk about what it was like to grow up as his daughter, how she coped with both of her parents' addictions. We also discuss her one-woman show, her upcoming book and her radio show on XM/Sirius.

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show #75: Nick Bollettieri

Duration: 0

Description: Nick Bollettieri. One of, if not THE premier tennis mentors in the sport. He has coached the top players in the sport such as Monica Seles, Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Boris Becker and countless others. We talk about his career in tennis and what it was like being an influence in the illustrious careers of such tennis greats.

You can pick up Nick's book BOLLETTIERI: CHANGING THE GAME on

Title: The Paul Mecurio Show: Paul Mecurio On Man School

Duration: 0

Description: This week, its something a little different. Here is an appearance I made on MAN SCHOOL WITH CALEB BACON. Caleb is a fellow podcaster on the Sideshow Network. He sat down with me a few months ago and we talked about my transition from a lawyer to a comedian and how I mad the change. Real interesting conversation we had.

Also check out my LIVE taping of the podcast at the Comedy Cellar NYC - Village Underground on Tuesday, July 22nd at 8p. My guest will be non other than BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT!

Get your tickets here!