Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast!

Comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried, a man Stephen King once referred to as "a national treasure," sits down in his own New York City apartment (you expected him to leave the couch?) with the Hollywood legends and behind-the-scenes talents who shaped his childhood and influenced his comedy.

Joined by co-host and fellow showbiz obsessive Frank Santopadre, Gilbert talks to comics, actors, singers, voice artists, talk show hosts, writers, show runners and other eyewitnesses to Hollywood history, including Dick Cavett, Henry Winkler, David Steinberg, Weird Al Yankovic, Billy West, Barbara Feldon, Paul Shaffer, Bob Saget, Micky Dolenz and MANY more, as they share fond memories and personal anecdotes of show business then and now (but mostly then).

Title: Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast #1: Dick Cavett

Duration: 0

Description: Comedian, author and talk show icon Dick Cavett drops by Gilbert's New York City apartment to sip Merlot and share personal memories of Groucho Marx, Johnny Carson and John Lennon, among others. Dick also talks about the time a guest dropped dead on his set (yes, it actually happened) AND favors Gilbert with some dead-on impersonations of his favorite obscure character actors!